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Meet Susanna

My story, and who knows, maybe yours as well.

After being an ICU RN for about 20 years, I was used to helping people day after day, but there was one person in my life I  could not help, and that person was my husband. I felt so helpless.  He was unable to lose weight and it was disheartening to see him developing type 2 diabetes, struggle with high blood pressure, and seeing his health deteriorating. 

His insulin dosage and blood pressure medication were increasing year by year.  We were eating according to the DASH and ADA guidelines, but both of us continued to gain weight, and I also developed metabolic syndrome.

Our lives changed forever after watching a movie called "The Magic Pill." Everything I thought I knew about nutrition was turned upside down.  I started reading and researching ketogenic and Paleo diets, and in December 2018, we started following a ketogenic lifestyle, and we have never looked back.

Susan on couch.JPG

Within 3 weeks my beloved husband was off the insulin and a couple weeks after that he no longer needed the blood pressure medication, or the oral diabetes medication!

We had increased energy, better sleep and most important of all; hope for a healthier future, together. We were enjoying delicious meals without still feeling hungry afterwards.

Today our whole family is enjoying this way of life.

At this point I was telling everyone I thought that could benefit from the Keto lifestyle about our health transformation, so I decided to take the next step; I got certified as a Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist with ANA  (American Nutrition Association), and with my medical background, the Ketogenic way of life made so much more sense, and so, Amavi Consulting LLC was formed in order for me to "get the word out", so to speak.

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